Virat Kohli Net Worth 2024, Income Sources, Annual Income, Assets, Unknown Facts

Virat Kohli Net Worth 2023

Virat Kohli Net Worth, his name that resonates with cricket enthusiasts around the world. Hailing from Delhi, India, Kohli has established himself as one of the greatest cricketers of all time. Beyond his awe-inspiring skills with the bat and his charismatic leadership on the field. Kohli’s influence extends to the realm of finance, making him not only a cricketing icon but also a prominent figure in the world of wealth and success.

Virat Kohli net worth is a staggering figure that reflects his immense success both on and off the field. As of 2024, Virat Kohli’s net worth is estimated to be INR 1050 Crore, making him one of the highest-earning cricketers in the world. This net worth comprises various sources of income, including his cricketing career, brand endorsements, business ventures, and investments.

Virat Kohli’s net worth has been a subject of conversation in both the sports and business domains. In this blog, we delve into the net worth of Virat Kohli, exploring his income sources, annual earnings, and valuable assets.

Virat Kohli Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, Virat Kohli net worth is estimated to be around INR 1050 Crore. This impressive figure is a result of his stellar cricketing career, lucrative endorsement deals, entrepreneurial ventures, and strategic investments. Virat Kohli’s net worth is increasing gradually by 20% annually. Kohli has also earned the distinction of being ranked as India’s most valuable celebrity. He maintained the top position for five consecutive years, primarily due to his remarkable net worth.

Virat Kohli’s net worth has undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping his career. With substantial financial backing, Virat Kohli has been able to focus solely on his game without any distractions. Moreover, the financial security provided by his net worth has enabled him to invest in state-of-the-art training facilities, hire top-notch coaches, and maintain a lavish lifestyle.

Moreover, his net worth has given him the freedom to make bold decisions regarding his career. He has been able to choose lucrative endorsement deals, take part in high-profile tournaments, and explore new avenues that have further boosted his earnings. The financial stability provided by his net worth has given Kohli the confidence to take risks and push the boundaries of his success.

Virat Kohli’s Income Sources And Annual Earnings

Virat Kohli’s net worth is derived from a diverse range of income sources, each contributing to his impressive wealth. Firstly, his primary income source is his cricketing career. As the captain of the Indian cricket team. Kohli enjoys a substantial salary from the ‘Board of Control for Cricket in India’ (BCCI). According to the “BCCI” central contract, Virat Kohli is in the “A+” grade and receives an annual salary of INR 7 crore. Apart from his BCCI contract, his per-match fee for Test matches is INR 15 lakhs, for ODIs INR 6 lakhs, and for T20 matches INR 3 lakhs. In the context of the “Indian Premier League” (IPL), Virat Kohli earns an annual salary of Rs 15 crore from his team “Royal Challengers Bangalore” (RCB).

Let’s discuss his annual earnings; undoubtedly, Virat Kohli stands as one of the highest-paid cricketers globally. Virat Kohli’s annual earnings are nothing short of remarkable. His earnings primarily come from his cricketing contracts, brand endorsements, and various other business ventures. On average, Kohli earns around INR 220 crore annually, with a significant portion of it stemming from his BCCI contract and IPL salary.

In addition to his cricketing earnings, Kohli’s brand endorsements contribute significantly to his annual income. It is estimated that he earns approximately INR 180 crore per year from endorsement deals alone. This staggering figure is a testament to his marketability and the trust brands place in his image and popularity.

Charges And Fees

BCCI Contract Rs. 7 Crore
Test Match FeeRs. 15 Lakhs
ODI Match FeeRs. 6 Lakhs
T20 Match FeeRs. 3 Lakhs
IPL Season FeeRs. 15 Crore
Charges Per Posts on InstagramRs. 11.5 Crore
Charges Per Posts on TwitterRs. 2.5 Crore
Brand AmbassadorAudi, Puma, MRF, MPL, Myntra, Essilor, Manyavar, Too Yumm, Uber, Wrong, and Colgate
Income SourcesCricketing Career, Brand Endorsements, Business Ventures, and Investments
Monthly IncomeRs. 20 Crore
Annual IncomeRs. 220 Crore
Net WorthRs. 1050 Crore

Virat Kohli’s Valuable Assets

Virat Kohli’s net worth is not just limited to his liquid assets but also encompasses a range of valuable possessions. One of his most prized assets is his luxurious house in  DLF City, Phase -1, Block-C, Gurgaon, a city near Delhi in India. The house boasts an estimated value of INR 80 crore. Also, Virat Kohli owns a lavish house in an opulent apartment on the 35th floor of the Omkar ‘1973’ Worli, Mumbai, Maharashtra valued at approximately INR 34 crore. This lavish residence, indeed, provides him with a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Recently Virat Kohli and his wife Anushka Sharma has purchased an expansive 8-acre parcel of land in Alibaug, a serene coastal town located in the southern region of Mumbai. The high-profile couple purchased the property together through two separate deals. Additionally, it was revealed that the land parcels, measuring 2.54 acres and 4.91 acres respectively, were obtained at a total cost of approximately INR 19.24 crore.

Furthermore, Kohli owns a fleet of high-end car collections, including models from brands like Audi, Bently, and Range Rover. The total worth of his car collections is INR 22.35 crore. These luxury vehicles not only symbolize his success but also reflect his penchant for style and opulence.

Additionally, Kohli has invested in several real estate properties across India, adding to his portfolio of valuable assets. These properties not only appreciate in value over time but also serve as a stable source of income through rentals.

Virat Kohli’s Business Ventures And Investments

Beyond his cricketing career, Virat Kohli has ventured into the business world to expand his income streams. Moreover, he has strategically initiated startups across various business ventures. Virat Kohli operates a range of enterprises under his ownership. This includes the “One8 Commune” restaurant, and the “Nueva” bar and restaurant. These investments not only generate additional income but also reflect Kohli’s lifestyle and his desire to make a positive impact beyond the cricket field.

Furthermore, Kohli has also launched his own clothing brand called the “Wrogn” fashion brand, “One8” athleisure brand, and the “Stepathlon” kids brand. All of these ventures are personally owned by him. Furthermore, these ventures allow him to connect with his followers on a personal level and provide him with a platform to showcase his fashion sense and style.

Furthermore, beyond his business ventures, Virat Kohli has demonstrated his acumen by making shrewd investments in a wide array of profitable companies. This includes Rage Coffee, BLUE TRIBE, Sport Convo, Universal Sportsbiz, CHISEL, MPL, Digit, and Hyperice.

Brand Endorsements And Sponsorship Deals

Virat Kohli’s popularity and marketability have made him a sought-after brand ambassador for various companies. Recently Virat Kohli has been signed as a brand ambassador for the French luxurious eyewear brand Essilor for two years. His endorsement deals span across multiple industries, including sports, fashion, lifestyle, and technology. Kohli’s association with these brands not only provides him with substantial financial gains but also solidifies his image as a global icon.

Some of his most prominent endorsement deals. Puma, reportedly Kohli was signed back in 2017 for INR 110 crores for eight years and it pays him INR 13.75 crore annually. Virat Kohli has been the brand ambassador of MRF for several years. Virat Kohli signed a three-year endorsement deal with MRF. However, in 2017, he signed a remarkable deal with the brand, sealing an impressive deal worth INR 100 crore over the span of eight years. As a result, MRF pays Kohli INR 12 crore annually.

Later in 2019, Virat Kohli signed a contract with MPL for INR 12 crore. This deal was notably recognized as the largest ever secured by a startup. Virat’s partnership with MPL was reaffirmed in January 2020 when the contract was renewed. These endorsement deals not only bring in significant revenue but also allow Kohli to align himself with brands that resonate with his personal values and interests.

Some Unknown Facts About Virat Kohli

  1. He doesn’t smoke.
  2. He drinks occasionally.
  3. Virat Kohli’s nickname is “Cheeku” given by his childhood coach “Ajit Chaudhury”.
  4. Virat Kohli’s favorite subject was “History” and he used to hate “Maths”
  5. In December 2006 Virat’s father “Prem Kohli” died due to a brain stroke.
  6. He is scared of heights.
  7. He is known for his strict fitness regimen.
  8. In October 2019, Virat Kohli turned into a vegetarian.
  9. He has 11 tattoos on his body.
  10. He doesn’t like to sit ideal for a long time.
  11. Apart from cricket, he has a passion for football and was once invited to train with German football club FC Bayern Munich.
  12. Virat Kohli is actively involved in charitable initiatives, particularly for children’s welfare and education.
  13. He also holds the record for being the fastest to score 7,500, 8,000, 9,000, 10,000, and 11,000, 12,000 runs in One Day Internationals (ODIs).
  14. Kohli is the fastest batsman to reach 13,000, 14,000, 15,000, 16,000, 17000, 18,000, 19,000, 20,000, 21,000, 22,000, 23,000, 24,000, and 25,000 international runs after Sachin Tendulkar.
  15. He captained the Indian cricket team to its first Test series win in Australia in 2018-2019.
  16. Virat Kohli has been awarded as ODI cricketer of the decade.
  17. Virat Kohli has also been awarded as ODI male cricketer of the decade.
  18. Virat Kohli has three National Honors, Arjuna Award (2013), Padma Shri (2017), and Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award (2018).
  19. Virat Kohli was appointed as the brand ambassador of the Border Security Force (BSF) in 2017.
  20. Virat Kohli is an avid admirer of Swiss tennis maestro “Roger Federer”. He is also a co-owner of the “UAE Royals” International Premier Tennis League.
  21. Virat Kohli is a combined owner of FC Goa, Goan Football Club Pvt. Ltd.
  22. He is the co-owner of “Bengaluru Yodhas” in the Pro Wrestling League (PWL).
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