Asim Riaz Career Life: “The Inspiring Career Journey From Reality TV Sensation To Multifaceted Star”

Asim Riaz Career Life

Asim Riaz Career Life

Asim Riaz Career Life, In the realm of the modeling and acting industry, Asim Riaz has emerged as a prominent figure, known for his exceptional talent, skills, and impressive physique. Establishing himself as a rising star in Bollywood, he captivates audiences with his charismatic presence and versatile performances. Asim gained widespread recognition through his memorable stint on reality TV shows, particularly his impactful appearance on “Bigg Boss 13“, which catapulted him into the limelight and showcased his dynamic personality and resilience. However, his unwavering dedication and hard work have been pivotal in solidifying his career, as he continues to take on diverse roles and projects, consistently proving his mettle as a versatile and talented performer. Asim’s journey is a testament to his enduring passion and determination, promising an even brighter future in the entertainment industry.

Asim’s passion for acting and fitness began in very early years. He never dreamed of being an actor since childhood. However, he started developing a deep interest in acting, fitness, and sports after indulging himself in various sports activities at his school events. This early passion gradually honed his talent and skills and laid a strong foundation for his future career. Asim Riaz was encouraged by his parents and was promoted to pursue his passion as a career. Moreover, at this stage, Asim’s passion became more evident. Asim Riaz started working more hard to turn his dream into reality. He began rigorously training in both fitness and acting, dedicating countless hours to perfecting his craft and preparing himself for the opportunities ahead.

After completing his schooling, Asim Riaz went to Mumbai, Maharashtra in 2012 to pursue further education and passion. There were many struggles in Asim Riaz career life. After coming up to Mumbai, Asim Riaz went through a lot of struggles. In an interview, Asim stated that he simultaneously attended college and worked hard to achieve his dream. Asim also mentioned that during that time, he lived in a PG in New Mhada Colony, Mumbai, with 15 other people. The rent for the PG was ₹8,000, and his father would provide him with exactly ₹8,000 to cover both his expenses and pocket money. To make ends meet, he used to do some part-time jobs. Asim Riaz mentioned that he traveled so far knowing that he was not alone in his struggles and that many people were nearby, which makes him feel wonderful.

When Asim Riaz was 18 years old, he didn’t have enough money after paying rent and bills to afford food, buy anything, or take rickshaws to auditions, so he used to walk instead. He also mentioned that he often had to choose between having a meal and paying for a rickshaw. However, the cost of rickshaws upon reaching his destination was usually too high for him to afford. Additionally, he had very little knowledge of the available bus numbers, routes, or their schedules. Moreover, Asim Riaz also mentioned that there was a time when he had taken once a lift from a stranger to get to an audition. Asim Riaz faced a lot of rejection during his struggling years. Every day, he would attend 10 to 15 auditions, spending 30 to 45 minutes waiting in line for each one.

Later, after a lot of struggles, hard work, and dedication, Asim Riaz’s career took a significant turn in 2014. After attending numerous auditions, he finally got the opportunity to work as a model. Asim Riaz started his career as a model for the Blue Company. Later, Asim Riaz also worked as a model for other brands including Blackberry, Numero Uno, and others. Moreover, in the same year, Asim Riaz got an opportunity to debut in the Bollywood film industry. Asim Riaz made his acting debut in 2014 with a side role in the film “Main Tera Hero“. Also, Asim Riaz started his YouTube in 2014 named “Asim Riaz” in 2014, where he uploads his music videos, vlogs, and fitness motivational videos. Additionally, after gaining recognition and fame, Asim Riaz participated in “Bigg Boss 13” in 2019 as a contestant, where he ended up as the runner-up.

Asim Riaz Big Boss 13 Journey

Asim Riaz’s journey on “Bigg Boss 13” was a transformative experience that significantly elevated his status in the entertainment industry. Entering the house as an underdog, he quickly won over the audience with his authenticity, resilience, and unyielding spirit. Despite facing numerous challenges and confrontations, Asim’s ability to remain true to himself and his principles resonated with viewers. His physical fitness and dedication to tasks showcased his determination and hard work, making him a formidable contestant. His friendships and rivalries, especially his intense dynamic with fellow contestant Sidharth Shukla, kept the audience engaged and contributed to the season’s high drama and viewership.

Throughout his time on the show, Asim’s personality shone brightly, earning him a massive fan following and widespread recognition. His journey was marked by emotional highs and lows, including moments of vulnerability and strength, which endeared him to the public. Asim’s romantic angle with co-contestant Himanshi Khurana added another layer of intrigue to his storyline. Ultimately, his perseverance and popularity carried him to the finale, where he emerged as the runner-up. His stint on “Bigg Boss 13” not only cemented his place in the hearts of millions but also opened up numerous opportunities in his career, paving the way for his continued success in the entertainment industry.


Movies done by Asim Riaz

2014Main Tera HeroGinny

Reality Shows done by Asim Riaz

2019Big Boss 13

Music Videos done by Asim Riaz

2020Mere Angne Mein
2020Kalla Sohna Nai
2020Khyaal Rakhya Kar
2020Teri Gali
2020Afsos Karoge
2020Badan Pe Sitare
2020Dil Ko Maine Di Kasam
2021Back To Start
2021Sky High
2021Big Boss
2021Built In Pain
2021King Kong
2022Tera Bhai
2022Dur Hua
2022Piya Re Piya
2022Khuda Se Dar
2022Nights N Fights
2022Juda Hojaye
2022Dil Todiye
2022Ab Kise Barbaad Karoge
2023Coffee Ke Bahane
2023Last Call
2023AB Sath Nahi
2023Chali Gai
2024Mera Raja
2024Yaara Dildaara
2024No Fear
2024Pyaar Ki Khaani
202412 Saal
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