Sahil Khan Net Worth 2023, Annual Income, Assets, Unknown facts

Sahil Khan Net Worth 2023

Sahil Khan Net Worth 2023: Sahil Khan’s estimated net worth in 2023, based on our survey, is 170 Crores, with his sources including Gyms, Youtube, Brand partnerships, and Promotion.

Sahil Khan is an Indian actor, model, influencer, fitness entrepreneur, trainer, and YouTuber. He is referred to as India’s Aesthetic King in the fitness awareness community. Sahil Khan has raised the standard in the world of bodybuilding. In Mumbai, he has also won several awards for his body and has received honors in various fields.

Sahil Khan first entered the Film Industry in 2001, and while he initially experienced great success in his acting career, later his acting career underwent a major downfall. In his early days, he experienced many ups and downs in his acting career and has struggled greatly ever since. But now, after so much effort and struggle, he has become India’s most successful Fitness Entrepreneur.

We have a lot of fascinating information about him, including some unknown facts. Keep reading to know complete information about Sahil Khan’s net worth.

Sahil Khan Net Worth 2023
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Sahil Khan Net Worth 2023

According to the surveys and media reports, Sahil Khan’s Net Worth in 2023 is 170 Crores INR. Talking about business and assets, Sahil Khan owns Muscle & Beach Gym and Galaxy Fitness Club, two gyms with numerous locations and top-notch amenities throughout India. The combined market value of his gyms is 70 Crore. Recently Sahil Khan also opened a new gym in Ahmedabad “Life Fitness” whose value is 12 Crore. The gym has top-notch amenities that aren’t found in any other gyms in India. He also has two bungalows, with a combined value of 80 Crores, one in Goa and the other in Kolkata, West Bengal. Apart from this Sahil Khan owns a lavish flat in Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, worth 15 Crores.

Sahil Khan use to be a brand ambassador for other nutrition brands. However, he stopped serving as a brand ambassador for other companies after launching his own nutrition brands. Sahil Khan’s main earning sources are his brands, whose profits are rising by 20% annually. His most valuable brand is “Divine Nutrition,” which has a market value of 85 Crores and is India’s 1st US FDA-registered nutrition brand. And is India’s top-selling brand of nutritional supplements. Sahil Khan also has a collection of expensive cars worth a total of 5.41 Crores.

Sahil Khan’s Brands And Income Sources


  • Divine Nutrition
  • My Fitness Peanutbutter
  • Buyceps
  • HUNK
  • Life Fitness Gym

Income Sources

Sahil Khan’s primary source of income is his brands. However, Sahil Khan also makes a significant amount of money from modeling, photo shoots, and YouTube. For one session of modeling and a photo shoot, he charges 50 Lakhs. Sahil Khan also manages a YouTube channel with 3.21 million subscribers where he publishes workout-related videos. From his YouTube channel, he makes 5 Lakhs per month. Apart from this he also generates income from brand promotions, charging 25 Lakhs for promotion. Additionally, Sahil Khan receives 10 lakhs for promotional Instagram posts.

Talking about his major earning sources. Sahil Khan generates a huge amount of income from his nutrition brands and various business. His brands and company generate more than 35 Crores in annual revenue, which is rising by 20% annually. Sahil Khan earns more than 30 crores annually and 70 lakhs per month.

Charges Per Session of Photo Shoot50 Lakhs
Charges Per Posts10 Lakhs
Income SourcesBusinesses, Nutrition And Supplement Brands, Brand Endorsements, Paid Promotions, Youtube, And Instagram
Monthly Income70 Lakhs
Annual Income30 Crores+
Net Worth170 Crores
Sahil Khan Unknown Facts
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Some Unknown Facts About Sahil Khan

  1. He is regarded as India’s Aesthetic King in the fitness awareness community.
  2. At the young age of 14, Sahil Khan began his bodybuilding career in Delhi, under the guidance of Sachin Dandekar.
  3. An Indian cinematographer named Sanjay Gupta noticed him at the gym and advised him to apply for Bollywood because he was attractive and had an amazing physique. He was also given the chance to appear in Sanjay Gupta’s music video.
  4. Sahil Khan got popular among his audience from his first movie Style in 2001.
  5. On September 21, 2003, Sahil Khan married Negar Khan. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last long, and the two later divorced and split up. According to the sources, Negar Khan alleged that Sahil was gay.
  6. Sahil Khan is the owner of a lavish apartment in Powai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, as well as two lavish homes, one in Kolkata and the other in Goa.
  7. He launched a company with businessman Yash Birla and nutritionist Rehan Jalali to build a name for sports and nutrition in the Indian market.
  8. Sahil Khan enjoys drinking wine and smoking cigars.
  9. He is the owner of Sahil Khan Body Transformation, a fitness equipment supplier.
  10. Sahil Khan is the owner of Divine NutritionHunk, and the Ceo of My Fitness, Also the Brand Ambassador of Health XP.
  11. Mothers EYE production Private Limited, a provider of merchant cash advances, has appointed Sahil as its CEO.
  12. Sahil Khan, who is 17 years younger than Tiger Shroff’s mother Aisha Shroff, had an affair with her in 2009. Aisha Shroff, however, refuted all reports of her relationship.
  13. Ismail, the rumored ex-boyfriend of the former Indian actress Sana Khan, attacked Sahil Khan in 2014 at the Fitness Gym in Andheri West, Mumbai.
  14. Manoj Patil, a bodybuilder, filed a harassment case against Sahil Khan in 2021.
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