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Sahil Khan Career Life

Sahil Khan started his career as a bodybuilder at the early age of 14 in Delhi. He was possessed by a bodybuilding compulsion since he was a young child. Sahil Khan is from Kolkata, West Bengal, but he moved to Delhi for his primary and secondary education. When Sahil Khan was in Delhi for his education. He realized that this was a perfect time and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fulfill his first dream of bodybuilding, as he was obsessed with it. Sahil Khan started bodybuilding after joining a small gym. After a few years, he had a tremendous and impressive body physique.

Sahil Khan Career Life
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Some years later, he also completed his graduation from Delhi. Now the biggest challenge came up for Sahil Khan to take responsibility for his family because his father was aging. Background information on Sahil Khan. Reveals that he is from a middle-class family that includes a mother, two sisters, and an elderly father. He accepts the challenge and begins looking for employment. A friend told him a few months later that he would have no trouble finding employment as a gym trainer because of his generally impressive physique. After a few weeks, he was hired as a gym trainer and received an initial salary of 11,000/-.

Sahil Khan began to grow impatient with his work after a year. Even though his pay had been increased to 15,000/- and he was still not enjoying it. Because his dream was to become an actor. Later, while he was at the gym, he got spotted by an Indian cinematographer, Sanjay Gupta, he told him, “You should try for Bollywood, you’re such good-looking and have a fantastic physique”. Sanjay Gupta also offered him to work as a model in his Music video song.

Sahil Khan Career In Bollywood

A few days later, he decided to relocate to Mumbai, Maharashtra, to pursue his career in Bollywood. Sahil Khan career started in 2001. He participated in the audition and was chosen among the 250 competitors. He made his music debut in Stereo Nation’s song “Nachange Saari Raat“. Days after releasing his debut song, in 2001, he was given the opportunity to make his acting debut as the lead in his first film, “Style“. After his first film’s solid box office performance, its sequel, “Excuse Me,” was released in 2003. Sahil Khan did many movies after his two successful movies. But the time eventually came when he began to falter. Sahil Khan then realizes that I’m not suited for the Bollywood industry. I must look elsewhere for a career.

The truth is that he never intended to appear in Bollywood and that everything that happened was because of other actors who wanted to play their supporting roles.

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